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Website for $99

5 Page Website

Do you need a website, but don't know where to begin? Have you heard that a  website will cost thousands of dollars? It doesn't have to. Check my prices, and you will be pleasantly surprised.  I will not pressure you to buy more than you need.

Machine Language is now offering a starter website for $99

What you get

  • 5- Page Starter website personalized for you $99
  • Guaranteed $8.25 monthly renewal rate for hosting for the lifetime of your site. *
  • Domain Name - 1 year registration $25 (Or bring your own)
  • Guaranteed $2.25 monthly renewal rate for domain name*
  • 5 free email addresses  -   you @ YourDomainName . com
  • You don't have to know to write code.  I do it or you.
  • Just send the pictures and words you want on your pages

If you want hands-on training, I have that option too: Learn To Build a Website

Call for details now 630-293-1164

6M-F 7am-7pm Central Time (UTC-6) Saturday 7am-Noon

Or send me an email using this form

Or you can begin Now by clicking the subscribe button below.

<--- $99 then 8.25/mo for website


<--- 25 then $2.25/mo for domain name


*1GB web space  Unlawful and substandard content restrictions apply.
*Hosting Subscription $99 down then $8.25/mo.
*Domain name subscription $25 down then $2.25/mo
*Subscription paments must be kept up to date.
*Subscriptions only valid with PayPal 
*2-Year prepayment required for checks & cash

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