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File transfers, Software installation, Memory upgrades 

These are a few of the maintenance and repair services we offer.

Did your computer quit working?

We can troubleshoot it for you and guide you to the most economical solution. 

Telephone line and Network Cable Repair.  Telephone wiring and network cables and equipment rarely goes bad, but when it does it can cause intermittent problems that can be hard to trace. 

We have the necessary equipment and expertise to track down problems and eliminate them.

  • Flat Rate Drop-off Service Prices below.
  • For on-site service add $25/hr to flat rate prices
  • Hourly rate $50 on site $25 in shop.



Reinstall Windows, Office Suite and backed up files
(plus Windows OS cost if needed to be purchased)


Virus Removal: Remove viruses, worms and spyware.
See reinstall Windows, Office and files. Why? Because when your system has been compromised there is no way to assure a clean computer unless it has been wiped clean and everything re-installed.

Unwanted toolbars, screen icons, browser addons and other software can usually be removed successfully.


Full Diagnostic With Repair
Extensive inspection to discover the cause of crashes, lockups, unusual slowness or Internet problems.
Includes software cleanup and removal. Optimize to enjoy faster computer speed and better performance.



Data Backup (up to 500 GB) onto external hard drive
Includes free hard drive (>500 GB add $75)


Wireless network setup
Setup the hardware connections, initialize your wireless router Login and Password, setup security protocols.
Iinitialize and secure up to 3 connections. Additional secured connection $20.00.
(Add $50 if you need the router)


Memory Installation/Hard Drive Replacement
Speed up your computer with extra memory. Install memory or hard drive on your desktop or laptop and test functionality.
Plus parts if needed. You bring it to me.

Call 630-293-1164 for in home service.


Basic Computer Training (1 Hour)
An hour-long, personalized training sessions where you'll learn what you want to learn, on a specific topic, at your own pace — right there at your own computer in the comfort of your home. Examples include: Basic PC skills, how to send and receive email or photo, how to transfer your picture from digital camera to your computer, etc.

Learn how to build and manage your own website

Drupal / Dreamweaver



Advanced Computer Training (2 Hours)
Two hours not enough?  Additional hours $30 each.

Learn how to build your own website using
Drupal / Dreamweaver  Learn how to create, manage and expand your website



Telephone Support per 60 minutes





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