Philosophy in Question

Open Parentheses is an abstract configuration of the colon, parenthesis, bracket, and
brace. Starting with the closing signs, it connects to the opening signs - a reversal of the
normal order. Its called open parentheses to symbolizes keeping open to potentials,
possibilities and transformations. Like a transformer it stands for dialog or
transformations of interpenetrating thought or face to face community interfacing.

In its injunction, Know thyself, the Delphic Oracle. begged the self-question,
Who am I? and started a self-question answering dialogue for a life time.
Parmenides, Hume, Kant, even Plato, himself, showed that no real answer to the question is possible.

Nevertheless, considering the question leads to a myriad of questions. Prominent among them are two leading questions. What am I supposed to be? and What am I supposed to do?

Self-question answering these three questions became crucial to a persistent, self-critical
attempt to understand the world, the Universe and the Reality of which they are parts ---
in other words, to philosophy.. These questions endure beyond any potential answer.
They also lead to a fourth question, Do I have a function in the Universe or am I
merely a theater goer waiting to be pleased or displeased?

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